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I'm Engaged... Now what?

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

It's been exactly 1 month since Fiancé got down-on-one-knee and I still have that excited giddy OH WOW I'M ENGAGED feeling. For the past 4 weeks, I've talked to family and friends about how wonderful this time is and how planning a wedding should come naturally (given that I do this for a living). To give the short & sweet background, I grew up with a party planner, and currently work in resort hospitality, specifically Weddings and Catering... so yes, I have years of experience with weddings. However, I have never planned my OWN wedding.

Planning a wedding is no easy task, even with professional experience. I should also point out that Fiancé loves to watch wedding shows (his favorite is 4 Weddings on TLC), and has a very strong opinion when it comes to "theme and design". Professionally speaking, I've noticed an increasing trend with the groom having more involvement in the planning process. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and it helps that couples make decisions together. Some of the best advice we're received thus-far is to remember that it is the couple's wedding day, and it should be what YOU BOTH want. Opinions will be given and advice will be shared. Smile, say thank you. People only want to help.

If this is your first time planning a wedding, or planning any event in general, and you do not know where to start... I have some advice: Start with Fiances: Figure out who is contributing and how much. Money Talk can sometimes be uncomfortable, but it's one of the most important topics in any relationship as well as the wedding. The Knot shared a list of "Who Traditionally Pays for what in the Wedding Budget" as well as "What to Consider When Making Your Wedding Budget" Both are great reads to ease into part 1 of planning a wedding. Try not to get too boggled down with the stresses of money, and talk with your partner about realistic expectations. (Key Words: Realistic Expectations) You and your partner should make a list of everything you want at the wedding and circle the top three things. From your top 3 wants, you should be able to start a budget and a plan.


I started Rock To Knot to coach couples through the confusing process of wedding planning. Sometimes hiring a Wedding Planners does not work within the budget. If you are planning your wedding, Rock To Knot offers affordable Wedding Coaching Services to guide you through the Wedding Planning Process with the help from an industry processional. There are many wonderful blogs and websites that offer tools and guidance on wedding planning. Sometimes you just need to talk it out or bounce ideas off someone who knows about the business. Rock To Knot Wedding Coach.

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